What does a social media manager do?

We help your people find you online! Right now someone is searching for your product or service, but they haven't met you yet. We make sure when they do your content gets them to know like and trust you so they can become a follower and eventually a customer! 

We also help you reach your goals sis! 

If you're honest you probably don't know what to post, or when to post, right? Well, tell us your goals and we'll create a strategy for you, and then execute the strategy!

Who Are We

Hello, I'm Sher. I'm the owner of Six Figure Boss Chick Agency. An agency for small business owners who want to grow their business to 6 Figures and beyond using social media and Facebook ads. 

You will work directly with me and my team execute the strategy! 


Here's What's Included

12 Posts Created For You. Which include Graphics created in Canva. Captions that engage your target audience. And Hashtags so people can find you! All for only $99  month!

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